Welcome to Camp Courage

Welcome to Camp Courage

Camp Courage is this year’s theme and it is all about using bravery to: “Do the right thing, and treat people right.”

     Welcome to Camp Courage!  We will use bravery, perserverance, and effort to take chances and learn many new things this year.

    We are approaching the end of the second nine weeks.  Your students have been very hard at work.  Please encourage them to keep up the hard work.

    We are beginning our unit on multiplication.  The students are to practice their multiplication facts at home.  They should then enter their practice information on the MULTIPLICATION ROCKS page to help us keep track and earn some rewards.

     Keep looking on the MrSappClass Facebook Page and MrSappParkside on Twitter for pictures and other news regarding  how things are going throughout the school year.

Here are this week’s learning goals(the goals listed are those needed to receive a “3”): 

Weekly Learning Goal – “I can…”

Reading  – find and write down the sequence of events in a story.

use illustrations to help me understand the story I am reading.

Writing  –  write a narrative with good paragraphs using our paragraph sandwich.


Math  – solve two step story problems.



Scoring Scale 1-4

I am an expert!



I am an expert!



I can do it!



I can do part of it.

I can do it with help.



I need help.

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