“We believe that all children should be actively engaged in all aspects of learning.

They should be able to create, perform, play, and learn through multiple mediums.”

Heather Potsander -Art

Heather Potsander


Email: hpotsander@goshenschools.org

I believe that art should be a hands-on experience in which all students can succeed. My goal is for students to use art as a means of self-expression while developing higher-level thinking skills. Students use creative and critical thinking to find a solution to open-ended problems. Art classes provide students with the opportunity to experiment with a wide variety of materials and techniques. Students learn to apply the elements and principles of art to their own artwork and the artwork of others, including professional artists. Collaboration with others and giving and receiving feedback from classmates is also an important part of the art experience.

Michelle Richer

Michelle Richer


Email: mricher@goshenschools.org

The Parkside Media Center/Library is open to all.  We have fun with books and many challenges/competitions throughout the year. 

Maintaining a safe, comfortable, relaxed atmosphere is made easier with parent help. 

You can… read with your child and have them read to you!  Help your child remember to return Library books in a timely manner.  Read with your child and then talk about what you’ve read.




Ashley Unruh

Ashley Unruh


Email: aunruh@goshenschools.org

I believe that music class should be a place where every child has the opportunity to experience success through movement, singing, and instrument playing.  In the music room, we teach and practice many lifelines, including perseverance, respect, active listening, and effort.  My hope is that through music, students will gain confidence that will help them to achieve success in other academic areas as well. 

 Though I know that not every student will go on to play an instrument or sing in a choir in high school, I hope that I can instill in each student a lifelong love of music.

John Lichty


Email: jlichty@goshenschools.org

My belief is that games and activities should include everyone and that all children should be moving as much as possible during P.E. class.  Skill building is very important as well as cooperation and sportsmanship.  Many life skills can be taught and practiced in P.E. including perseverance, respect, cooperation, integrity, personal best and many more.  P.E. is very important in building self-esteem amongst children which can carry over into academic and other important areas of life. And, of course, P.E should be fun!

I can only teach and encourage my students to be active and choose a healthy lifestyle.  The rest is up to them and to their parents and caregivers.  What happens outside of class is as important as what happens at Parkside.  Children who are encouraged to be active, eat healthfully, and get plenty of sleep have the best chance at success at school and in life!

Jan Holsopple


Email: jholsopple@goshenschools.org

I spent 15 years in the classroom and 6 years working with teachers to create positive school learning environments. I believe that everyone working in a school becomes a teacher whether it is the custodian, the nurse, the book keeper or the counselor.  I believe that the foundation to academic success and positive school climate is understanding character.  When students enter Parkside they are taught what we call the Lifelines to Live By.  Whether it be Integrity, Respect, Caring, Manners or Empathy children learn the foundation for character skills they will use in school, relationships, their future work environment and as they grow to be productive members of society.

My philosophy is to be proactive.  I relish being in the classroom daily and talk with students about strategies for making our school a more positive place to grow and learn. It is my goal that all students will be able to work with others, communicate their feelings, and walk and talk the lifelines not just define them. Leadership and character traits are key components to our guidance program.  We believe that our staff as well as our students can be models of character and challenge the student body to make improvements in their social, character and academic skills. When students come to Parkside we want them and their families to know they are part of the Parkside family. 


Email: chodges@goshenschools.org

Webpage: Student Websites

I believe that computers are a fun and fantastic tool that everyone can benefit from.  It is my goal to show that computers are a gateway to life long learning and entertainment

The computer lab is set-up to be a comfortable setting that allows children to develop their computer skills through directed and entertaining programs and websites.