Mission Statement

 We will provide rich opportunities and experiences throughout first grade

in order that all students achieve success,

both academically and socially, as we learn and grow together.

Jennifer Phillips Email: jphillips@goshenschools.org
Kelly Bley Email: kbley@goshenschools.org

In my classroom, students will feel safe and valued.  It is my goal to provide an environment where students are motivated to learn, have self-esteem, and are passionate about learning.  Self-esteem is a high priority to me.  Everyone is important!

I have high expectations for students and teach using creative and tangible learning styles.  I aspire to meet the individual needs of students and challenge them where they are at personally.  I want to ensure that learning is applicable to students’ daily lives and incorporate everyday “life skills” into daily learning so students can succeed and thrive in our world.

Cindy Shreiner

Cindy Shreiner

 Email: cshreiner@goshenschools.org

I believe each child learns in a different way and at different times.  My teaching consists of hand on activities, whole group, small group and individual work.  I believe classroom management/structure is key to a successful learning experience.

I expect a lot out of my students.  I set high expectations for my students both academically and behaviorally.  I love my job and the joys that come each day as my little 6 and 7 year olds have success in their life long learning experiences.