“As a team, we work closely together in striving to do whatever it takes

in order for every student to learn to their potential;

having the necessary skills to be a lifelong learner and productive citizen.”

Matt Brown

Matt Brown


Email: mbrown@goshenschools.org

I love to use humor to engage students in the learning to be done each day.  My philosophy is that every child can learn, and learning is a lifelong process.  I also believe a child’s education is a team effort, involving the school, parents, students, and community.

I have very high expectations for each and every student.  These expectations cover the areas of behavior and learning.  If you were to visit our classroom you would experience these expectations being met in a relaxed, calm, orderly, and comfortable environment that is conductive to learning success.

Cara DuBois

Cara DuBois



Email: cmdubois@goshenschools.org

Bio: Coming Soon

Michelle Foster


Email: mfoster@goshenschools.org