Students attending Parkside experience academic and social learning. The academic structure at Parkside includes all content areas (math, science, language arts, and social studies). Along with all Goshen Community Schools, Parkside emphasizes literacy and math and provides additional resources that help students succeed.

Literacy Framework

Journey’s Curriculum; consisting of word study, 90 minutes of reading workshop, and writing workshop. Each student is met at their level and receives instruction in individual, small group, and large group settings.

Math Framework

Math Expressions, our math framework, helps students develop powerful ways of reasoning and thinking about mathematics while learning the algorithms.

Special Programs

All English as a New Language (ENL) students at Parkside receive support and encouragement from the ENL teacher on staff. New ENL students are tested, and once their level is established they are placed in the normal classroom and experience all opportunities provided to every student enrolled.

Class Websites

Parkside recognizes the importance of open communication among staff, parents, students, and the community. For this reason, many of our programs and educators maintain websites to keep parents and community members informed about what’s going on at Parkside and what supplies students will need.


Parkside offers different opportunities for students who may need extra time and support in academic areas or structured time to do homework. All of the following services are based on teacher and parent recommendation. Many volunteers provide one-on-one interaction and opportunities for learning during the day.

  • Student Success Program – Extra support provided for students during the day in a small group setting.
  • Reading Buddies – Every student is assigned a reading buddy. These students meet weekly to practice and listen to each other read.
  • PIT (Parkside Intervention Time) – 30 minutes 4 times a week remediation and enrichment offered to all students.


Goshen Community Schools uses Follett Destiny Software to manage the district media centers resources.  Students can use the destiny website to research what literature and media resources are available for all there classroom research needs.