Betts McFarren – Principal






Amanda Hicks  



All kids can learn! I have high expectations for all students, that each will do his/her best each day.

We work together as a TEAM to support, encourage, enrich, and challenge your children.



Erica Dolezal - Secretary

Erica Dolezal – Secretary







Roberta Werntz – Bookkeeper



I am the mother of four former Parkside students.

This is my 6th year as a bookkeeper here at Parkside. Previously I was an aide in the classroom, on the playground and crossing guard.

My position involves textbook rental billing, cafeteria balances, and ordering of curriculum.

Brenda Wiebe – Nurse



I graduated from Bethel College (Kansas) with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Nursing. Also I am certified in school nursing from the State of Indiana.

I have worked in ICU/CCU and Cardiac Rehab for 15 years prior to school nursing in 2004. I was a substitute school nurse for the Goshen Community schools and the Fairfield schools for 2 years prior to becoming a permanent employee at West Goshen for one year, and currently at Parkside since 2005.

I have three children, all who attended Parkside when they were younger.

Jan Holsopple – Counselor



I spent 15 years in the classroom and 6 years working with teachers to create positive school learning environments. I believe that everyone working in a school becomes a teacher whether it is the custodian, the nurse, the book keeper or the counselor. I believe that the foundation to academic success and positive school climate is understanding character. When students enter Parkside they are taught what we call the Lifelines to Live By. Whether it be Integrity, Respect, Caring, Manners or Empathy children learn the foundation for character skills they will use in school, relationships, their future work environment and as they grow to be productive members of society.

My philosophy is to be proactive. I relish being in the classroom daily and talk with students about strategies for making our school a more positive place to grow and learn. It is my goal that all students will be able to work with others, communicate their feelings, and walk and talk the lifelines not just define them. Leadership and character traits are key components to our guidance program. We believe that our staff as well as our students can be models of character and challenge the student body to make improvements in their social, character and academic skills. When students come to Parkside we want them and their families to know they are part of the Parkside family.

Sandra Perez  



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