First Grade Teachers


Mission Statement

 We will provide rich opportunities and experiences throughout first grade

in order that all students achieve success,

both academically and socially, as we learn and grow together.

Laura Green

Laura Green

Email: lgreen@goshenschools.orgI am honored to have the privilege of teaching young children.  I believe that all children are capable of learning.  I have high expectation for students in my classroom both academically and socially.  I believe that each child learns at their own pace yet all children need to be pushed in order for them to be successful.  In our classroom you will see whole group, small group, individual and independent learning.  

Parents are an important part of their child’s education as well.  I believe in working as a team in order for each child to be successful at school, at home, and in the community.

Michelle Foster

Michelle Foster

Email: mfoster@goshenschools.orgI have always known that I wanted to work with children; my greatest joy is watching my own children and my students excited about what they are learning.  Children are naturally curious.  I believe when we tap into this curiosity children can become motivated to take ownership and responsibility for they are learning and they become hungry to learn more.  I strive to create a hunger for learning each day my students walk into my classroom.


My philosophy is that all children have the ability to learn; however, I know students learn in different ways and on different timelines.  My goal is to meet the individual needs off all my students in order for them to achieve success.  I feel honored to work in a school, and have my children attend a school, where everyone works together to help all children be successful.

In my classroom, I have high expectations for my students.  I believe students need to feel safe and comfortable in an environment and among the people they will be working with in order to be successful.  When you walk in my classroom you may see us working as a large group, students and I working in small groups, partner work, or students working independently.  In order for any of these situations to be successful, I believe in working with my students to create clear expectations and procedures for learning and behaviors.

I look forward to working with my students, parents, and the rest of the staff at Parkside to help each student reach their full potential.

Kelly Bley

Kelly Bley



In my classroom, students will feel safe and valued.  It is my goal to provide an environment where students are motivated to learn, have self-esteem, and are passionate about learning.  Self-esteem is a high priority to me.  Everyone is important!

I have high expectations for students and teach using creative and tangible learning styles.  I aspire to meet the individual needs of students and challenge them where they are at personally.  I want to ensure that learning is applicable to students’ daily lives and incorporate everyday “life skills” into daily learning so students can succeed and thrive in our world.